What is Orbicular?
The Orbicular Ecosystem consists of tokens & other smart contracts with the aim to improve and innovate DeFi.

The Orbicular Ecosystem currently consists of three tokens: Orbicular, Azizos, and Arsu.

Orbicular is the first token with a sinusoidal supply. A week of rising supply will be followed by a week of falling supply, and a week of falling supply will be followed by a week of rising supply, and this cycle continues forever. The supply is changed via rebases, which have a positive effect on a token's economy, thus postiive effects can be experienced forever.

Azizos and Arsu are two more tokens with sinusoidally changing supplies. The supply of Azizos and the supply of Arsu are inverted, so when Azizos is at its highest supply, Arsu is at its lowest, and vice versa. Azizos and Arsu can also be staked for rewards, as well as the Azizos:Orbicular and Arsu:Orbicular liquidity pairs (see the staking page).