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Orbicular's newest expedition, OrbetV2, allows users to utilize ORBIv2 tokens to predict anything and everything.
What is Orbicular/OrbetV2?
• Orbicular is an ecosystem of tokens and smart contracts on the ethereum mainnet
• The most anticipated Orbicular project is OrbetV2, a smart contract allowing anyone to create and participate in community-driven prediction markets
• The predictions made with OrbetV2 can interact with anything within the ethereum mainnet, not just a few simple price pairs
• With Oracles, OrbetV2 predictions can cover everything and anything, inside and outside of ethereum. This allows OrbetV2 to compete with large prediction markets like PredictIt and Betfair
• OrbetV2 is powered by the ORBIv2 token
What will the fees be for predictions?
Fees will be highly competitive for dedicated predictors, with 95% of winnings going to correct predictors. Since prediction outcomes can be bought into/sold at any time, there is a 10% (this can change) fee for selling a prediction outcome to ensure some winnings remain for those correct predictors who did not sell.
Where do these fees go?
• 3% of fees go to prediction creators. If you create a prediction that generates a million dollars in fees, you earn twenty thousand dollars when the bet is ended.
• 1% of fees go to prediction enders.
• 1% of fees go to the Orbicular team to help grow and refine the project & ecosystem.
These percentages can be changed by the Orbicular team.
The OrbetV2 contract is also capable of burning some fees as well as sending some fees to those who hold liquidity tokens in a built-in vault in OrbetV2, but as of now those percentages are 0%
What is ORBIv2? What are its tokenomics/distribution?
ORBIv2 is an Orbicular token, meaning its supply follows a cyclical pattern. A week of rising supply is followed by a week of falling supply, and vice versa. This continues forever, with no regard to demand.
One hundred million ORBIv2 were initially created, with fifty-five million remaining in the Orbicular team's hands. Orbicular has only ever used these funds to grow and develop the Orbicular ecosystem, primarily by way of direct payments to content creators and project contributors.

100% of liquidity owned by Orbicular is locked, until mid-August 2021
Q3 2020
Orbicular initially released.
Q4 2020
Twin tokens/staking released. ORBI upgraded to V2
Q1 2021
Orbet released. OrbetV2 begins development and testing
Q2 2021
OrbetV2 main contract deployed. Anyone can predict anything and everything
Q3 2021
L2 migration to lower gas fees for OrbetV2
Q4 2021
Hand out flyers
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